Do you believe that drones help us, or you are strongly against them? There are people, who cherish robots that do hard work instead of them, and they want to develop them in order to enhance their strength and add extra abilities. But there are sceptics that ponder that drones can be very dangerous and harmful to humans and other creatures. And what category do you belong to?
In the picturesque arcade Clone Drone in the Danger Zone you can become a master of your own robot that you may create with the help of tools that are available to all players. The main set of details is quite simple, but you can construct a very strong drone. After you do this, you can start a fight. If your robot is a winner, it is rewarded, and you can buy new details that can replace old ones, or be added to the basic skeleton. Don’t forget to upgrade your character, because this arcade faces you with the stronger contestant on each level, so if you don’t buy new refinement, you won’t be able to beat a rival. If you earn or save enough money, you can buy a clone that will die instead of your main character, and you will be able to go on without restarting the level. Remember that everything depends on your ability to choose the best tactics and vital details that will bring your drone to the top.


  • Look, click and jump
  • Shoot

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