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When will robots become an integral part of our lives, and will it ever happen? Most people understand that robots are very useful, and they help us in doing some hard work, but there are scared humans, who believe that drones can take our cities under their control. They are afraid of time, when robots will be as common, as pets, because they can make a lot of troubles. But still, this is hardly possible, because the artificial intellect can’t surpass our natural intelligence. And if you want to see how everything will be in the nearest future, you don’t have to invent the time machine. All you need – is just follow the necessary link, and open a fantastic arcade that will bring you to the world of amazing robots.

In Clone Drone in the Danger Zone you should think of your own design of a robot, and only after you fulfill this step, you can go further. There are a lot of details for your construction, and you can create something really unique. You can choose any material, but you should know that some of them make your drone stronger, an others – weaker. Don’t be afraid to fail this mission, because you will be able to improve everything. The very moment you are ready, you can go to the arena, where you will face other drones. They will be furious, and you should beat them, slice into small pieces and do other things that will help you to win. At first you will see a small number of rivals, but it will constantly grow. Each victory brings you some money that you can spend on some improvements, or even buy a copy of your main character. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone leaves no place for fear or pity; you should amuse your contestants by the strength of your will and ability to plan the attack. Don’t forget to upgrade your drone, and it will become strong and defeat all rivals!


  • Look, click and jump
  • Shoot

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