For those in love with sci-fi and robot battles, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Multiplayer offers a thrilling and challenging entertainment. Get yourself a robot body and take part in a massive fighting competition featuring a long list of dangerous enemies, from common swordbots to superrobots armed with ultramodern weapons. You have to defeat them all if you hope to win the main prize. The combats take place on a huge arena and millions of viewers watch your every move. The Emperor himself is present, although even he can’t decide to spare you when the fight is over. To increase your chances, learn the moves and be quick to dodge enemy attacks while delivering maximum damage in response. After the combat, the winner will get a certain amount of money and spare parts for an upgrade. You can even construct your own clone to replace you on the battlefield! Besides, the game now supports a Twitch mode allowing players to communicate with each other and place bets on one of the opponents. And even if you are simply watching a fight without betting, that still brings you so-called danger coins that can be spent, for instance, on spawning a clone for one of the players or add more challenges to make the combat even more dangerous and spectacular!


  • Look, click and jump
  • Shoot

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