Are you for or against drones? They can be really useful to everyone, but you can’t see them everywhere; they are available only to wealthy people. But what would you feel if you find yourself in another dimension that is completely unusual and strange? Drones are everywhere, and they are constantly struggling, like in ultimate fighting, and you can participate in this wonderful spectacular event. This is very intriguing, and you can’t miss this chance to see everything in your own eyes!

In a new arcade Clone Drone in the Danger Zone you will see plenty of gladiators that will fight for their lives. If you don’t kill everyone you see at the arena, you will be defeated and, thus, lose the game. New version of this game gives new weapon: earlier you had only a sword, and now you are able to use a hammer that can turn any enemy into a big mass of metal without any form and traces of life. One more important trait: you can create a drone according your taste, instead of using someone else’s ideas. What other features options are included in this arcade?

First of all, you can dismember your rivals, and this is the major point that authors considered while planning the game. If the opponent is huge, it should be cut into small pieces until you can kill it. The combat is quick and severe, and you should turn fast, and know which position is the best for you. It is so interesting to watch TV matches, where someone comments actions on the playing field. In Clone Drone in the Danger Zone there is a professional Commentatron, who analyses your actions and you can make necessary conclusions about your moves and improve your techniques. There are other options, but it is better to try it once, and you will learn everything by yourself.


  • Look, click and jump
  • Shoot

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