In the future, robots became one of the main forms of existence. Their invention expanded human abilities in all spheres, including entertainment. All over the world, reckless fighters get their mind transplanted into robot bodies to try their luck in a massive tournament. The last robot standing wins and that definitely have to be you. Take part in fierce combats with the most incredible types of robots, from basic swordsmen to zoomorphic killer machines, collect spare parts for mortal upgrades and destroy your enemies until they destroy you! Even if you are knocked down in a fight, you still have a second chance to return to the area as your own clone. But don’t repeat the same mistakes because once your clone is out, there is nothing you can do to stay in the game. This is kind of frustrating, but that’s what makes Clone Drone in the Danger Zone so exciting and challenging! Fights run in real time, so you are going to need quick reflexes and brilliant tactics to survive the harsh perils of the robot arena and prove that you are the strongest player among everyone else!


  • Look, click and jump
  • Shoot

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