Clone Drone Update


Many science fictionists have debated about the possibilities of robot use in the future. So far, the situation doesn’t seem to be getting out of hand. But who knows how things will turn in a few hundred years… Clone Drone in the Danger Zone update will take you to a distant future where robot fights have become a successful and profitable industry.  Trying to make a career and millions of dollars on the world’s most dangerous arenas, desperate fighters get their old bodies vaporized and dress themselves in a shiny metal armor to confront other robots in a deadly combat that only one can survive. Now you have to stand your ground with a sword in your hand or your consciousness will die, this time for real.

The battles are intense and fast. A lot of emphasis is placed on positioning, timing and movement. Choose a favorable position and pick the right weapons to defeat your enemy. The system of damage is very realistic – if you cut off any of your opponent’s body parts, he’ll lose the ability to use it. So you’ll often see robots brandishing with one hand or jumping on one leg. If you meet a robot that’s much bigger than you, he’ll have to be chopped down to the size first. But the most exciting thing is that you can create your own clone that will stand up for you in case the scales are tipped in favor of your enemy. Upgrade your robot, unlock more weapons and use your skills wisely to win the tournament!


  • Look, click and jump
  • Shoot

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