Clone Drone in the Danger Zone mods


Who are the real lords of the world? Humans believe that everything belongs to them, and they can take everything under control. They create intelligent machines and want them to obey. But everything can change in one second, and robots can rebel against their masters. If you think that this scenario is hardly plausible, you may check the Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, a new arcade that will take your breath away by its simplicity and clarity. You will see here strong gladiators that will differ in shapes and colors, sizes and armor, and you should conquer all of them. You will create your drone the way you like, and you have plenty of materials that you may use for your robot. You should think carefully, because each detail adds special characteristics to your drone. But if you feel that you could do better, you may improve your robot, because after each victory you receive some amount of money. Each new level brings you the ability to buy something and add it to your drone. The details are very different, and each of them is peculiar, for it gives something very special to your robot. After you upgrade your drone it becomes stronger and can perform better in the arena.

If you think that in this game the rules are fair, then you are wrong. At first you will face one rival, but soon there will be more and more enemies, and it will be extremely difficult to fight with all of them. If you don’t upgrade your main hero, you have zero chances to win the Clone Drone in the Danger Zone. There is one interesting thing; you can not only but refinement for your drone, but even clone it. This is very expensive, but it worth it! You see, when you fight with other robots, you can die, especially when they attack from different sides, and your experience is too poor to perform ideal actions. In this case, if you lose, you should restart the whole game. It sounds not cool, isn’t it? But if you make your clone fight instead of you, you get benefit: if it is killed, the game continues, because now it’s your turn to attack rivals. This game has no rules, but it impels you to be cruel and fearless. Your moves should be quickly, you have to turn at a rate of knots, and defeat your contestants. Don’t be afraid to use your word every time it is needed, because your enemy will take advantage over you. Show all your courage and try to survive as long, as you can.


  • Look, click and jump
  • Shoot

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