Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 2020


Plunge into the thrilling atmosphere of the distant future and enjoy the adrenaline of fierce robot fights in Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 2020! The new part contains even more drone types and spare parts for you to improve your steel warrior. There are new arenas and challenges, becoming the champion is even tougher. You have to go through a great number of merciless battles and accomplish a good deal of daring missions to see your name at the top of the rating. Are you ready to start your uneasy path? Then welcome to the arena!

The gameplay consists of matches and upgrades between them. Each match is a series of waves including a certain number and types of enemies that attack you on various locations. The range of weapons robots can use is very wide: from regular blades to laser bows and even flame guns. Depending on the kinds of weapons used by your rival, you should choose optimal tactics against them. Your approach will vary based on whether you’re set up against a bunch of first-level soldier drones armed with swords or one super upgraded robot with a giant hammer.

For your part, you can upgrade your own drone with a vast number of details in the workshop when the fight is over. You can change your weapon and supply yourself with more efficient armor. Besides, each robot has a set of parameters that also can be improved by using the required spare parts. But the most convenient thing is the ability to call forth your clone that will take your place in the arena if you’re brought down by your enemies. It won’t have that much health and will fight automatically, but this is a good chance of still winning the match if you were killed just an inch away from victory. The whole atmosphere is very vivid, there are viewers on the stadium cheering and booing at the most intense moments of the fight and robot commentators describe the entire process just like at football championships. Launch Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 2020 online and find out what new features are there for you to check out!


  • Look, click and jump
  • Shoot

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