Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 2


What do you think of drones? Are they useful or useless? To give the right answer to this question you should know everything about them, and find out what they make good to us, and what they can do wrong. As for now, they are pretty harmless, and do more good things, without spoiling our lives. But what will be, if the number of drones increases, and they will be available to anyone? Will they be friendly, or turn our lives into mess? This is hard to judge, but you can imagine such life in the breathtaking arcade Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 2, where you can assemble your own drone the way you like.

So, you have a nice choice of details that you may use during the construction.  Remember that they will affect the robot’s abilities and endurance, so think it over. Don’t be afraid, if you miss something during your first construction, because you may change some characteristics in future, and keep in mind your mistakes while planning another drone. When everything is ready, you can enter the arena and attack your rivals. At first it will be easy to win, but each time your contestants will be more powerful and their number will constantly grow. If you win the fight, you will be paid a nice reward that you may spend on upgrades. You can make your drone stronger and stronger until it leaves all rivals lying on the ground breathless. You may even buy your own clone that will die instead of your main character, and you can play without losing your progress. What can be better than spending a couple of hours smashing and hitting your rivals and become better after each upgrade?


  • Look, click and jump
  • Shoot

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