Clone Drone Danger Zone 2017


If you are looking for a nice game that will involve you into a new world, you can test a new arcade that is called Clone Drone in the Danger Zone. Here you become the only person, who is trapped in the strange world where you can see only warriors everywhere. They are not usual; they are drones, as well, as you are. You will create your own appearance, and start fighting with rivals. You will be granted by a sword and a hammer, and you can hit and dismember opponents with their help. The main place of action is a huge arena that is filled with robots that are furious and ready to kill you. If you want to stay alive, you should be quick and think very little of your actions.

With the help of WASD keys you can move to different sides, jump by pressing Space, and swing your sword with the help of the left button of a mouse. When you master this control features, you will be able to win any battle. But your victory depends not only on your ability to make immaculate moves, but on your enemy’s skills and sizes as well. The longer you play – the more dangerous your rivals are. If you want to keep up with them, you should upgrade your hero. After each successful fight you earn some money, and you can spend them on some useful refinements. You can not only gain necessary strength, but get some cool bonuses that will help you to attack progressively and survive longer. You can even buy a clone that will fight instead of your main character. This won’t affect the gameplay, but it will add an extra life to your drone. If you are wounded or even dead, the game is finished for you. But if you have a twin, the game will continue, and you won’t lose your progress. In addition, you have two options – either follow the story that will unravel on the monitor, or endless mode that will be nothing more than a set of levels of various difficulties that you should complete.


  • Look, click and jump
  • Shoot

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