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Play Clone Drone in the Danger Zone free online

If you are fascinated with futuristic settings and robot stories, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone will definitely look interesting to you. This thrilling adventure centers around a human player who receives a robot avatar and sets off for a fighting arena to prove his combat skills. The trial turns out to be much more difficult than he expected. With one wave attacking after another, chances to survive seem to be rather slim. However, in the last moment, the hero encounters a mysterious stranger who shows him a way out of this robot hell…

Human mind in a robot body

The game starts with your human mind being extracted from your body and placed into a robot carcass. You are then given a sword and one energy bar and pushed to an arena where there is already your first opponent waiting for a fight. The name, age and occupation of your character are chosen at random. All those characteristics don’t affect the gaming mechanics.

Primarily, you’ll have to fight using a sword, but as you progress, you’ll also gain access to bow and jetpack options. The system of damage is built on voxel models, which significantly improves the gameplay. Sword injuries are dealt in real time. You will clearly see what part of the opponent’s body was damaged and also where to hit next.

Beware of your enemy!

There are various enemy types, from basic robot footmen to giant spider bots shooting an endless sequence of mortars in your direction. The difficulty will grow as you move higher in the fighting rating.  The further you get, the more ruthless and dangerous enemies you will meet. Combats can be quite intense, so watch your every move to get the upper hand. If you were defeated, though, there is one last chance for you to fix it and return to the arena – you have to continue fighting using your clone.

The clone can be constructed using various spare parts you won in the battles. Don’t neglect doing this much-necessary upgrade, since this is virtually your only backup in case the outcome of the next encounter is not in your favor. If both you and your clone lose, you are kicked out of the area for good. But don’t give up even if that happens. You can always try once again and return to the competition being more experienced and less likely to do the same mistakes. As they say, practice makes perfection, and it can be said about Clone Drone in the Danger Zone as well!

Challenges and peculiarities

At the moment, the game supports two gameplay types: Story mode and Endless mode. Generally similar to the Story mode, Endless mode simply offers a larger number of opponents and tougher level structure. For now, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone features 125 uniquely designed levels with 5 stages of difficulty. Each of the levels provides its own tricks and challenges that add more action and intrigue to the course of the battle. Will you be able to clear them all moving across various fighting settings and securing victory after victory in combats with ever more aggressive opponents? There is only one way to find out!